Mixed Triples


The Mixed Triples took place on Saturday 4th September.

Twelve teams took part in 3 leagues of 4 teams, each team playing three games.

Each game lasted 6 ends with the winners receiving 2 points and 1 point if it was a draw.

This produced three teams for the Semi Final with the best runners up getting the fourth slot.

2 teams were equal on points and had to play off to decide a winner for best runners up.

This was 1 end, 1 bowl per player to decide.

The winning team were Robert McCartney, Sandi Wallace and George Grossart.

The other Semi Finalists were.

Jim Bruce 2, Allison Granger and Marion Thomson.

Sam Gilmour, Sadie Bryson and Jim Spence.

Ian Ferguson, May Ferguson and Billy Richmond.


The Semi Final winners are the teams of Jim Bruce 2 and Robert McCartney.

The Final will take place on Friday 10th September at 6pm.

A big thank you goes to Jim Bruce 2 for organising the games.

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