July Update



I am hoping, if there is enough interest and the conditions for covid separation improve, to try and set up an informal mini competition for the Senior Gents in the Club.   This could either be a league or knockout format, depending on numbers.   At present the start date is 3rd August, but this could change if conditions improve.

Any member who is interested in taking part should call me on 671411 or e-mail me on cajjbruce@yahoo.co.uk


Jim Bruce –  Senior Convener


To comply with regulations rinks still require to be booked through match secretary.





The Bar will open on Wednesday 15th July 12.00 – 3.00 p.m.  and 7.00 – 11.00 p.m.

Thereafter the bar hours will be as follows


Monday        12.00  –  3.00 p.m.            7.00  –  11.00 p.m.

Tuesday       Closed                               Closed                                      Discretion

Wednesday  12.00  –  3.00 p.m.             Closed

Thursday      Closed                               Closed                                      based on

Friday          12.00  –  4.00 p.m.             7.00  –  12.00 p.m.

Saturday      12.00  –  5.00 p.m.              7.00  –  9.00 p.m.                     demand

Sunday         1.00  –  5.00 p.m.              7.00  –  12.00 p.m.

Bar hours may be subject to change.



People shielding are permitted to play.


The booking system is still in place


Internal club competitions can resume.

There is absolutely no urgency or pressure to host internal competitions and should be introduced if all necessary measures to ensure safety of players and volunteers can be implemented.


There will be no external club competitions at this time.


Spectators are permitted (no more than two to a bench) and benches must be cleaned after every use.


Coaching is permitted.  A coach should not deliver coaching to more than 4 households (with a maximum of 15 people) at any one time or provide training to more than 4 households per day.


A player can practice individually or play games/competitions with another 4 households per day (maximum of 8 people per rink).


No travel restrictions are in place for leisure.


A maximum of 24 players can be allowed on the green at any one time:

  1. Singles & pairs games using all available rinks. (2)  Triples and Fours games using alternate rinks


Players/Members are permitted to enter the clubhouse for the following reasons ONLY:

  1. To access THE BAR/LOUNGE AREA
  2. To access the green
  3. To use the toilets
  4. To access first aid.


All the above must comply with current physical distancing and hygiene guidelines.

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