Ode To The Virus

Ode to the Virus


The sun is oot, but we are in

We canny leave the hoose

It isnae safe to do that

Wi’ a virus on the loose.


You can’t go oot and see your pals

In a’ this lovely weather

You have to phone or text or Skype

If you want to have a blether.


I’ve been on to Amazon

The online tills are ringin’

I’d like to thank the driver

For all the stuff he’s bringin’


I’ve been working on the hoose

The gairden’s looking braw

I’ve been cleaning oot the gutters

The windaes washed an’ a’.


I’ve treated all the decking

The fences and the sheds

I’ve planted all ma flooe’rs

Some in pots and some in beds.


But now I’m getting’ fed up

We need to get things rolling

And get us back to Midton Road

And started wi’ the bowling


Well that’s me done, I’m finished

I’m writing nae mair verses

It’s up to Bowls Scotland noo

To get us aff oor erses.


Stay Safe   Ian


  1. Colin Weir says:

    Wee Nicola has freed us up
    And says that we can play
    It’s up tae oor committee noo
    Tae name the openin day.

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